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Encaustic painting is a technique using molten beeswax and colored pigments, developed by the ancient Eyptians to paint mummy portraits and used by the early Greeks as a decorative medium. It has wide versatility and can accomodate the use of mixed media techniques. It is favored by artists who appreciate the richness of the brilliant colors and its possibilities of a range of textures. I love to work with it for its sensual brushwork, its rich colors, textural surfaces, layering and collage capabilities. It is my muse, my voice.

I have four Galleries on this site broken down by subject matter. The first, "Figures", is a series of etherial, spiritual pieces conveying the spiritual path we're all on. The second gallery, "Abstracts", are pieces in which I've explored not only the technical aspects of encaustic painting; the colors, textures, layering qualities but also the artistic qualities of the artform; how those textures and colors can be combined and utilized to make a truly beautiful work of art. The third gallery, "Landscapes & Still Lifes" is a collection of works that portray natural scenes that invite you in for a closer look. My last gallery, "Mixed Media Collage" introduces the beauty of encaustic painting techniques combined with natural objects such as feathers, twigs and other found objects to enhance the shapes, textures, etc. that encaustic brings.

To see a list of galleries I currently show in and various awards and accomplishments I've been bestowed over the years click here.

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